Te manawa whanaungatanga mō ngā tamariki katoa
The heart of relationship for every child

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From our trainees

“I feel like these 5 days is the most beneficial training I have ever attended. This workshop has blown my world apart, when it comes to how I view my work with children! I am so grateful to have found this workshop. I have a new found excitement about the work and this CCPT modality exists for the benefit of our children. Thank you so much for such a high quality workshop.”
C.M. – social worker in schools

“If only this way of being with our Tamariki was systematically valued.”

J.G. – counsellor

“Megan and Judi, you are committed to the modality of CCPT and the children you serve. This love was transmitted to the group as a whole, and your enthusiasm was spread in my opinion to all group members.” 

L.M. – social worker

“Inspiring, informative, and eye opening. Thank you, Judi and Megan, this workshop exceeded my expectations by far! I feel I got so much out of this training and it truly opened my eyes to being and becoming more child centered in my practice.”

M.E. – social worker

“Everyone working with children should learn this! This is by far the most productive and practical workshop I have attended – and I have been to lots. I would be so excited to carry on and become a play therapist, but I can also easily see how the content will be readily transferred (and shared) in the work I currently do. It has been such a powerful journey of discovery – both personal and professional. Thank you!”

K.B. – social worker in schools

“I was initially unsure of what to expect in doing this workshop. However, I was in love after hour 1 of day 1. My ideas, values and opinions have changed in a beautiful way. Thank you! Megan and Judi, it has been the greatest privilege to learn from you both, I absolutely can’t wait for Stage 2!” 

A.P. – post graduate psychology student, Waikato University

“The content of the workshop will be very valuable for any future work with children.”

L.P. – early childhood educator

“Excellent! I have learnt so much! This course has helped me understand the theory of play therapy as well as the application and benefits. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in working with children in a therapeutic context.”

E.B. – early childhood educator

“Great presenters facilitated a very safe space to explore CCPT (and myself) and great food!” 

A.A. – counsellor

“Thank you for providing such a remarkable environment to learn about play therapy. I have enjoyed absorbing not just the words you both use in response to children but your feeling, sensitivity and gentleness.” 

N.A. – psychotherapy student

“The content was well organised – CCPT theory is magic and links made with other theoretical frameworks were really well done.” 

N.B. – special education teacher, speech language therapist

“Excellent! It has surpassed all my expectations. I am so excited about this therapy model. It aligns with the way I practice, and I can’t wait to start using this. I am really looking forward to the next training.”

A.R. – social worker